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DON’T SLEEP: Producers I Know x ApaTight “Beat Reel June 2011” [PIK EXCLUSIVE MIX]

Producers I Know‘s ApaTight currently has some big things in the works and since he often gets requests for beats through this site, he did me a favor and hit me off with this exclusive jawn. Apatight‘s “Beat Reel 2011” is aimed at potential clients that want work from him so if you hear something you like, hit him up directly @ apatight@gmail.com for availability of tracks or pricing. Serious inquiries only. Time is money and none of us have either to waste. Download Apatight‘s “Beat Reel June 2011” directly below. Don’t sleep!

Producers I Know x Apatight  “Beat Reel June 2011” [DIVSHARE LINK]


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