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DON’T SLEEP: Producers I Know x Peace Of Mind “Laces Out” [BEAT TAPE]

It’s now officially July 11th, 2011 so we will unleash Hell on the blogosphere/bloggerverse in the guise of this 35 slap monstrosity titled “Laces Out”. Peace Of Mind did all the work, I just provided the venue. Just know that this jawn is ridiculous and well worth the wait. The weekend is your reward for your work week. “Laces Out” is your reward for surviving your weekend.

“Laces Out” will serve as the soundtrack to your ascent into night as well as the transformation from night into morning. It can serve as driving music or iron horse commuter music. You can work out to it. Shit, if you’re gully you can even fuck to it (Good luck with that, though. You need to find a girl that wears Timberlands in the summer for that one…)

Oh yeah…it ain’t over muthafuckas! © O’Shea Jackson. More jawns coming from J57, Aspect One, Falside, the official announcement of the newest PIK member @ midnight July 15th and some other surprises. Don’t sleep on Producers I Know in July and beyond! Without any further ado, I present “Laces Out”. Enjoy:

Producers I Know x Peace Of Mind “Laces Out” [MEDIAFIRE LINK]

Producers I Know x Peace Of Mind “Laces Out” [MEGAUPLOAD LINK]

Producers I Know x Peace Of Mind “Laces Out” [DIVSHARE LINK]


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