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DON’T SLEEP: King Of The Beats (Parts 1 & 2) (dir. by Pritt Kalsi) [DOCUMENTARY]

In the UK there’s a beat challenge that’s been taking place for years called King Of The Beats put on by a number of UK Hip Hop legends that I grew up admiring  and listening to from across the pond. Pritt Kalsi has made a 2 hour plus documentary explaining the formation and evolution into the present day King Of The Beats challenge and the documentation of the July 16th beat battle between young UK beatmakers/producers Agor, Hi Soul & First Hand.

Do you want to see the Hip Hop still lives? Do you want to know who took the crate? Do you want to see a plethora of US & UK Hip Hop legends? Do you want to spend two hours watching cats talk records, beats and the aesthetics of crate digging, Hip Hop production and it’s culture? Then get yourself to The Find Magazine and watch the whole “King Of Beats” documentary directed by Pritt Kalsi right now. This jawn made my morning. DON’T SLEEP!


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