I Know Producers I Know Beats


While I was looking for news regarding the “1000 Yen Beats Vinyl Attack!” documentary I instead stumbled on the full HARD-OFF BEATS documentary where Japanese beatmakers/producers Tofubeats, OKADADA, フーミン (fuminggg) & いじりー (tales of easily) all go head to head digging for records and flipping samples in the spirit of the incredible beat competition documentaries “King Of The Beats” and “Secondhand Sureshots”.

I don’t understand Japanese although I’ve been watching Anime and films in Japanese since I was 9 without subtitles but you can kinda figure out what’s happening anyways. Music is a universal language. Watch and enjoy since I need to buy the “1000 Yen Beats Vinyl Attack!” DVD apparently. Also, don’t sleep…


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