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DON’T SLEEP: Symbolyc One (S1) Recreates “Excellence” From “Watch The Throne” [BEAT VIDEO]

I’ve been a fan of Symbolyc One’s production going back to the early days of Strang Fruit Project whom I first learned about on Okayplayer circa 2005. Here it is, 2011 and now S1 is one of the most well knownand hottest producers in the game. Here’s a video I didn’t post previously on Producers I Know because I couldn’t figure out how to embed Vimeo or MixCloud on here back when it first hit. Now that the “Watch The Throne” hype has finally died down I think it makes sense to play it now. DON’T SLEEP!

Producer S1 recreates “Excellence”(Murder to Excellence) from Watch the Throne from Jeff Adair on Vimeo.


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