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DON’T SLEEP: Red Bull Music Academy Madrid 2011: Young Guru Lecture [DOCUMENTARY]

The latest edition of the Red Bull Music Academy is being held in Madrid, Spain rather than Tokyo after the earthquakes. Producer/engineer Young Guru’s lecture was one of the most talked about events amongst those that were invited this year so when I saw Young Guru had the entire 2 hour plus lecture uploaded on Vimeo I had to post it up here. Don’t sleep…

Lecture: Young Guru (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.


DON’T SLEEP: Symbolyc One (S1) Recreates “Excellence” From “Watch The Throne” [BEAT VIDEO]

I’ve been a fan of Symbolyc One’s production going back to the early days of Strang Fruit Project whom I first learned about on Okayplayer circa 2005. Here it is, 2011 and now S1 is one of the most well knownand hottest producers in the game. Here’s a video I didn’t post previously on Producers I Know because I couldn’t figure out how to embed Vimeo or MixCloud on here back when it first hit. Now that the “Watch The Throne” hype has finally died down I think it makes sense to play it now. DON’T SLEEP!

Producer S1 recreates “Excellence”(Murder to Excellence) from Watch the Throne from Jeff Adair on Vimeo.


DON’T SLEEP: Jay Electronica f/Mobb Deep “Call Of Duty (MW3)” [SINGLE]

People asked Jay Electronica what he was waiting on to drop something. Everyone wants something. Even I’ve made the occasional joke at his expense. The key thing is that Jay won’t release anything until he feels it’s time or he’s ready. This cuts down on wack shit and forced material. In any event, here’s Jay Electronica featuring Mobb Deep “Call Of Duty (MW3)”. Artwork by FWMJ, he also named the track as well. I’m still looking for producer credits at the moment. ARE YOU WATCHING CLOSELY? DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Jay-Z x Kanye West “Watch The Throne” [DOCUMENTARY]

I’m not excited about this release in this least as I wasn’t feeling “Blueprint 3” or “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Nightmare”. I expect Stadium Rap made for rich bastards and I’m not the audience for this jawn at all. In any event here’s the Vimeo link that I can’t embed. This is driving me insane. Enjoy the mini doc as it is hella interesting…