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DON’T SLEEP: Jay Electronica f/Mobb Deep “Call Of Duty (MW3)” [SINGLE]

People asked Jay Electronica what he was waiting on to drop something. Everyone wants something. Even I’ve made the occasional joke at his expense. The key thing is that Jay won’t release anything until he feels it’s time or he’s ready. This cuts down on wack shit and forced material. In any event, here’s Jay Electronica featuring Mobb Deep “Call Of Duty (MW3)”. Artwork by FWMJ, he also named the track as well. I’m still looking for producer credits at the moment. ARE YOU WATCHING CLOSELY? DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Jay Electronica “Dimethyltryptamine” (prod. by J Dilla) [VIDEO]

Hey! Remember that old Dogon Society/Decon Records DVD full of Jay Electronica videos shot by Jason Goldwatch that was supposed to drop years ago that Jay Electronica and Just Blaze were talking about? Yeah, apparently this video is from it. Does anyone wanna ask Jay-Z or Angela Yee or Just Blaze what Jay Electronica is doing at present? I don’t. He said “Patents Of Nobility” was coming. I have no choice to take him at his word. Call me when something happens…



DON’T SLEEP: Jay Electronica “The Making Of Act II” [VIDEO]

The people want “Act II: Patents Of Nobility”. Jay Electronica has insisted that it was coming but it wasn’t ready yet last year when he played some unfinished tracks for a few of his people. Angela Yee told me it wasn’t ready but big things were in the works when I asked her about it last year. Then Jay Electronica signed with Roc Nation and his original plans to release a project via hisĀ  Dogon Society/Decon imprint were up in the air. According to Just Blaze the plan will move forward but it just needs to be adjusted. In any event, Jay travels to Africa & records a track for the long awaited project. This clip features the vocalist LaTonya Givens. Jay said it’s coming. It’s coming. Stay tuned. ARE YOU WATCHING CLOSELY?