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DON’T SLEEP: Houseshoes x MichiganHipHop.com x Peace Of Mind “The 5 Day Theory” [BEAT TAPE]

The story goes that the homie Houseshoes challenged Team PIK/Beats At Will’s Peace Of Mind to make a beat tape much in the spirit of the 15 minute beat challenges he used to hold in his old apartment back in the days. Here how Shoes described it on Twitter:

“So. 5 days ago, @Peaceofmind313 was on here [Twitter] askin for some shit to chop up.. I sent him 5 joints that have been sampled previously. And posted that the results would be posted in 5 days on @MichiganHipHop It would be called #The5DayTheory. Basically I just did it to put him on the spot. @Peaceofmind313 is a dope producer. Real dope.”

You can download “The 5 Day Theory” from here via a MediaFire link or stream it via the embedded SoundCloud link. Don’t sleep…


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