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DON’T SLEEP: Urban Waves x Radio Juicy “Fear And Loathing In Beats” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]

Urban Waves teamed up with Germany’s Radio Juicy to put together a compilation called “Fear And Loathing In Beats”. This compilation/beat tape features contributions from !ngvar, Armin PaYnE, BEN BADA BOOM, Flitz & Suppe, Hazeem, JayLotus, Phoube, Jimbo Matsumoto, Knowsum, Lazy Jones, Mecstreem, Bud Hello, Melodiesinfonie, Peter Thermometer, SNKA, Toetensen, Mono:Massive, Wun Two, Der Funkbademeister, Je$u$, MettphoniC, Lukitoloko, Figub Brazlevic, JA:KOVA, MCV, BlaZzCo and FunkaHolic. Don’t you dare sleep on it…


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