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Urban Waves Records

DON’T SLEEP: wun two “ships” [BEAT TAPE]


wun two’s “ships” is a REAL beat tape available on cassette you can cop from Juicy/Urban Waves Records or cop digitally. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Mallow “Nimbus Land” [BEAT TAPES]


Back when I received Mallow’s “Nimbus Land” in late November it was the latest release from Urban Waves Records. That’s no longer the case but hey, I was busy at the time. Uh…don’t sleep.


DON’T SLEEP: Urban Waves x Radio Juicy “Fear And Loathing In Beats” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]

Urban Waves teamed up with Germany’s Radio Juicy to put together a compilation called “Fear And Loathing In Beats”. This compilation/beat tape features contributions from !ngvar, Armin PaYnE, BEN BADA BOOM, Flitz & Suppe, Hazeem, JayLotus, Phoube, Jimbo Matsumoto, Knowsum, Lazy Jones, Mecstreem, Bud Hello, Melodiesinfonie, Peter Thermometer, SNKA, Toetensen, Mono:Massive, Wun Two, Der Funkbademeister, Je$u$, MettphoniC, Lukitoloko, Figub Brazlevic, JA:KOVA, MCV, BlaZzCo and FunkaHolic. Don’t you dare sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Shatter Hands “Land Fly” [BEAT TAPE]

Shatter Hands’ “Land Fly” is the latest project to drop on Urban Waves Records. Don’t sleep on it…



INFNTLP “Atlas” dropped a few days ago via Urban Waves Records. INFNTLP is a 20 year old Nebraskan beatmaker that you seriously need to begin checking for. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Lingvisto “Flight On Goloka” [BEAT TAPE]

Free Crates regular Lingvisto drops his latest jawn on Urban Waves Records. “Flight On Goloka” features PIK regular OffBeatKid alongside Jo Twist and George Soul. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Gonja (Atwell Baker x T-Dredz) “Gonja Volume 1” [BEAT TAPE]


Urban Waves Records released the debut of Gonja, a duo of beatmakers that I’m very familiar with through JASS. Namely Atwell Baker & T-Dredz. If you’re in the Boston or Cambridge area get down to Phoenix Landing tonight @ 9 PM because they’ll be doing sets along with Time Wharp, Shigeto, Fens and hella other to celebrate JASS’ 1 year anniversary. A post is forthcoming!