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DON’T SLEEP: MUJO情 “Demon Killer Tape” & “HOKUTO BLAPZ Vol. 1” [BEAT TAPES]


Roland SP 303 & 404 master MUJO情 dropped two beat tapes in the past 4 weeks many of you have slept on, “The Demon Killer Tape” & “HOKUTO BLAPZ Vol. 1” (which you’ll need to put $5 down on to hear in it’s entirety). To everyone running a beat culture/beat tape site: Stop relying on submissions! Get off your asses and look for new beat tapes because 80-85% of these cats don’t have publicists or people promoting them so unless you follow them ALL on social networks (provided they’re even on them) you have NO idea when they drop new shit unless you follow up on them all individually yourselves. Don’t sleep…


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