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DON’T SLEEP: Melting Pot Music/A.U.D.D.A. “Beat Fight #2” [INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM]

I’m sure you all have seen my multiple posts concerning the Beat Fight 2 event that happened in Cologne recently (including the live videos from said event that have since been removed from YouTube by show promoters Mixery Raw Deluxe). Well, the beat tape/instrumental project including each slap played at said event is going on sale in both digital and vinyl formats (though it’s limited to only 500 copies). You just stream and buy the “Beat Fight #2” project direct from the Bandcamp page or cop the vinyl through a link provided on the same page. Beats from Dexter, Fid Mella, Shuko, feux, Mainloop, TiKay One, Jimbo Matsumoto, Morlockko Plus, Croop, Mecs Treem, Radsch and Hieronymuz. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Brenk Sinatra “One Daaay” (prod. by Brenk Sinatra) [VIDEO]

Brenk Sinatra’s “One Daaay” is off his extraordinary Melting Pot Music/A.U.D.D.A. instrumental LP “Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly”. This video is dope, too. Don’t sleep!

Brenk Sinatra – One Daaay from MPMTV on Vimeo.


DON’T SLEEP: Suff Daddy “Dutch Passion 2006” [BEAT TAPE]

New beat tape from Suff Daddy called “Dutch Passion 2006” consisting of 5 raw slaps. Since SoundCloud refuses to embed go there to hear it and download it. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Brenk Sinatra “Whereva” (prod. by Brenk Sinatra) [VIDEO]

Here’s the new video from Brenk Sinatra’s Melting Pot Music release “Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)”. The track is called “Whereva”. If you don’t have this album yet you should really consider inflicting some sort of corporal harm to yourself. Don’t sleep…

Brenk Sinatra – Whereva (from Gumbo 2 : Pretty Ugly) from MPMTV on Vimeo.


DON’T SLEEP: Beatfight II: Dexter vs. Shuko & Dexter x Fidmella Live Sets @ Club Bahnhof (Cologne, Germany) 10.29.2011 [BEAT VIDEOS]

I posted the preview video up to this event earlier this month on Producers I Know because I loved Beatfight I so much last year when Dexter won in dramatic fashion. I waited for some footage to finally hit the net but I fell asleep (as I’d mentioned previously). Here’s some footage of the semifinal round and live sets at the end involving Dexter (last year’s champion), Shuko and then Melting Pot Music’s Fidmella. Don’t sleep on this footage of Beatfight II!

BONUS FOOTAGE: SAE Beatfight in Duisburg, Germany (1.28.2011)


DON’T SLEEP: Retrogott x Brous One “Di Ay Ti Si EP” [NEW PROJECT]

Earlier this month the German label ENTBS/Entourage released a 7″ from Retrogott and Brous One. I was taken aback by the mix of German and Spanish on here. There are 4 tracks on this vinyl, namely “Di Ay Ti Si”, “Pesadilla”, “Cambio” and “Interludio”. Apparently, this 7″ is a precursor to a collaborative LP called “Mote Con Huesillos” coming in early 2012. As soon as I can locate some purchase links I’ll update this post with them. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Brenk Sinatra “Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)” (prod. by Brenk Sinatra) [VIDEO]

Here’s the video for the under 2 minute banger “Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)” off Brenk Sinatra’s stellar Melting Pot Music LP “Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly”. I can’t wait to hear Brenk’s work on MC Eiht’s upcoming project, either. DON’T SLEEP!



In addition to the new Hulk Hodn x Hubert Daviz double vinyl (that isn’t available for purchase digitally until November 4th, 2011) “Kaseta” ENTBS/Entourage of Germany also released an impressive limited vinyl soundtrack for a German stage play¬†“Irgendwas Mit Medien” that I think you had to purchase in person at the venue during and after performances. In any event, I ended up with a copy and it’s fuckin’ amazing. If you can get your hands on this “Irgendwas Mit Medien OST” from ENTBS/Entourage with production by Hulk Hodn, Hubert Daviz, Noyland, Retrogott & Romeo Jesus then bless you. It’s hard as hell to find but SO worth it. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Sylabil Spill & Twit One “Entengang EP” [PROJECT]

German emcee Sylabil Spill spits over 8 hot beats from Twit Uno with Hulk Hodn on the cuts.¬† Two instrumentals are included for extra measure on the vinyl version which was limited to 500 copies on the initial printing. This actually dropped on vinyl and CD in Europe back in the late summer (between July and August) but I didn’t get to hear it until recently (meaning this week). You can cop and preview it from HHV and cop it on CD from there or Vinylism or Groove Attack overseas. It’s not on iTunes (maybe the German store) so good luck finding it digitally it’s for Hip Hop heads I’d recommend it if you can find it. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: A.U.D.D.A. “C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Ruins Everything Around Me)” [BEAT TAPE]

A.U.D.D.A. Records dropped a free beat tape/mini EP called “C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Ruins Everything Around Me)” featuring 7 slaps from Hulk Hodn, Suff Daddy, Twit Uno, Roy Blak, Lazy Jones, Herbert Elch, Fela Krauti & Meshuggie Otis. If you slept on “Beat Power” then don’t sleep on this. Get it from Twit One’s blog. DON’T SLEEP!