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Melting Pot Music

DON’T SLEEP: Fid Mella “Don’t Care” (prod. by Fid Mella) [VIDEO]


This video comes from Fid Mella’s Melting Pot Music LP “Tattas Plottn”. It’s for the the track “Don’t Care”. Wake that ass up…


DON’T SLEEP: Melting Pot Music “10 YRS Box” [COMPILATION]


Melting Pot Music/A.U.D.D.A in Cologne, Germany is celebrating 10 years as a label by offering a 7″/45 box set of highlights and unreleased material limited to only 2000 physical copies. Don’t sleep on it


DON’T SLEEP: Flatpocket (Twit One x Lazy Jones) “Geldfundphantasyen” [BEAT TAPE]


Melting Pot Music/A.U.D.D.A. producer Twit One teams up with Lazy Jones to become Flatpocket and drop the instrumental opus called “Geldfundphantasyen”. I’m assuming that’s German…


DON’T SLEEP: S3 (Miles Bonny x Brenk Sinatra) “All I Know (Stecken Rehearsal)” [LIVE FOOTAGE]

If you haven’t been paying attention to PIK then you no doubt missed when the s3 (Miles Bonny x Brenk Sinatra) A.U.D.D.A/Melting Pot Music project “Supa Soul Sh*t”. Here’s the rehearsal for the upcoming tour. Don’t sleep anymore…


DON’T SLEEP: Fid Mella “Hi! / Maruoana / O’OH” (prod. by Fid Mella) [VIDEO]


In this Fid Mella split video watch a toy Bender break up weed, roll a joint, light it, smoke it then make a beat on an MPC. I shit you not! © Robert Wuhl. Don’t sleep on Tatas Plottn…


DON’T SLEEP: S3 (Miles Bonny x Brenk Sinatra) “Supa Soul Sh*t” [NEW PROJECT]

Melting Pot Music producer Brenk Sinatra and vocalist/producer Miles Bonny teamed together for the highly anticipated Hip Hop Soul hybrid LP “Supa Soul Sh*t”. Don’t you dare sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Fid Mella “Tattas Plottn” [BEAT TAPE]

Fid Mella just dropped an excellent instrumental project/ beat tape that he culled together from his father’s records (“Tattas Plottn” means just that). Fid Mella is already one of the best producers/beatmakers in Vienna but this jawn just clinched what many of us have already known for years. Don’t sleep on “Tattas Plottn”…