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DON’T SLEEP: MidaZ The Beast “The Duelist” (prod. by MidaZ The Beast) [VIDEO]

MidaZ The Beast produced this selection from his release “LOOPS” and he made a video for it. Here it is, don’t sleep on it…



MidaZ The Beast & DJ Sharp release a dope project called “LOOPS” where the Doxside Music Group homie spits ridiculous bars over some straight up loops. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: IMAKEMADBEATS f/MidaZ The Beast, Tzarizm & Murdoc “Word Of Mouth” (prod. by IMAKEMADBEATS) [VIDEO]

This video comes off of the split release of the incredible LP made from dual EP’s “Daylight/Nightlight EP” produced by the inhuman producer IMAKEMADBEATS and featuring MidaZ The Beast, Tzarizm & Murdoc spittin’ murderous bars. Don’t sleep…



TZariZM of Doxside Music Group teamed with cRITICAL of Creative Juices Music to make “Quarantine”, a 6 song collaborative EP where TZariZM makes two appearances on the bars side of things and Madness of Critical Madness shows up as well. Don’t sleep on this…


DON’T SLEEP: Beat Fanatic x Doxside x Producers I Know “2012 Tampa Bay Beat Battle 6.8.2012 @ Crowbar” [UPCOMING EVENT]

Sponatola of Beat Fanatic, my peoples @ Doxside Music Group and myself @ Producers I Know are co-sponsoring the 2012 Tampa Bay Beat Battle. This event will occur on June 8th @ Crowbar in Tampa Bay, FL @ 10 PM. There will be a $5 cover for civilians and a $10 cover for beat battle participants. For the winner of the 2012 Tampa Bay Beat Battle they will receive a $300 cash prize and the distinct satisfaction they have crushed the hopes and dreams of every other beat maker/producer in attendance. Crowbar is located @ 1812 17 St. N Tampa, FL. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Synopse “Chardonnay & OE” [NEW PROJECT]

My peoples Doxside Music Group just dropped a new project we actually discussed way back on the Scrunchface Show. Synopse’s “Chardonnay & OE” features guest bars from MidaZ, TzariZM and vocals from Nana Jay. Production is handled by Synopse, TzariZM, Justincredible and IMAKEMADBEATS. Don’t sleep on “Chardonnay & OE: Music For Him To Listen To With Her” and take a trip down memory lane with us and the crew here. Don’t sleep…



TzariZM’s self produced “[DAY] Dream EP” dropped today with features from Wordsworth, Illustrate (Grey Matter) and Mylodic (plus a co-production credit with IMAKEMADBEATS on “Keep It Movin'”). If you’re still sleeping on the talented brother known as TzariZM of Doxside Music Group and Strangaz Productions (alongside IMAKEMADBEATS)  then after this you have no more reason to. Nah, fuck that. You didn’t even have a reason before this. Anyways, I implore you listen to the “[DAY] Dream EP” then cop it and go back through that Doxside Music Group back catalog. Then slap yourself. Don’t sleep!



My homie TZariZM has a new project dropping November 1st, 2011 called the “[Day]Dream EP” which is produced entirely by himself with co-production from his brother and co-defendant IMAKEMADBEATS (What up, NeMo?). All of the details for said project appear in the promo video where Tzar walks around in some Low End Theory inspired pajama pants dragging cords for what appears to be an MPC 100o under his arm. Nice slippers, too. Enough of me, watch. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: 9th Prince & MidaZ The Beast “ThunderCats” (prod. by TzariZM)

Today TzariZM dropped a megaton bomb on the Hip Hop bloggerverse in the guise of the track called “ThunderCats” featuring bars from 9th Prince and MidaZ The Beast. If you ain’t feeling this then you don’t deserve the gift of hearing. Don’t sleep…

DON’T SLEEP: TzariZM “20 Minute Beat In 4 Minutes” (MPC 1000) [BEAT VIDEO]

Here’s my boy TzariZM of Doxside Music Group making an ill beat in 20 minutes on his MPC 1000 but makes it seem all extra easy and shit but speeding up the process to under 5 minutes. I fuckin’ hate you for that Tzar! I kid, I kid. I’m almost convinced when I finally meet Nemo his face is gonna be blurred out. Hit the homie up at tzarizm@gmail.com but be prepared to spend some dough for quality. Work with him…


DON’T SLEEP: TzariZM “March 2011 Beat Sampler” [BEAT TAPE & VIDEO]

Brother Tzar of Doxside hath bestowed upon us a beat tape for you rappity rap ass bastards to request slaps to rhyme over. Of course, we beatheads will be rocking to it as well. All of the information you need to get at Tzar to cop tracks is contained on his Bandcamp. Also, there’s a video of TzariZM making a beat on his MPC 1000 included below. Remember this, tzarizm@gmail.com. Serious inquiries only, time is money & we all have neither to spare. Enjoy:



Doxside Music Group‘s IMAKEMADBEATS is a fixture on Bloggerhouse’s The Scrunchface Show as well as the site itself. After having an impressive back catalog that includes the 2009 Roc C & IMAKEMADBEATS opus “The Transcontinental” LP and his production on Roc C’s 2010 album “The Scapegoat”. Tomorrow, his new self titled LP drops featuring Black Milk, Von Pea, Planet Asia, General Steele, Roc C, Magestik Legend, Sabac Red, Hezekiah, Icon The Mic King, etc. & the Doxside Music collective (TzariZM, MidaZ The Beast, J Freedome, Butta Verses, Synopse). Do not sleep on it. Preview it here & cop it everywhere good music is sold on January 18th, 2011.