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Pragmatic Theory Collective

DON’T SLEEP: Pragmatic Theory “New Classic” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]


The Pragamatic Theory Collective dropped a 36 slap beat tape compilation yesterday featuring slaps from PIK regulars DEAD HORSE BEATS, Vanilla,  Miles Bonny, Ta-Ku, LAKIM, Sev Seveer, W∆rren Xclnce x Snubluck, Shain C∆w, Keor Meteor, Languid, Weirddough, Handbook, JA:KOVA, REZ, ill sugi, chris∆re, Afryx Q, FloydCheung, 7even Sun and many more. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Pragmatic Theory presents “Curtis: The Album” [NEW PROJECT]

If you remember correctly, back in February the Pragmatic Theory Collective dropped a dope ass beat tape that was constructed wholly from Curttis Mayfield’s compositions called “Curtis: The Beat Tape”. Well, the Pragmatic Theory Collective is back with “Curtis: The Album”  featuring tracks from Benchwarmers Clique, Rek (not to be confused with REKS), Ben Z, Mez, Cor Stidak, Classic The Legend, Synapse, Divine Victory, Ibn Hasan, Omer One, RediBrown, Relly, J Digital, Clasick UF, Karpay Diam, B.Lowe & Conflict. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Pragmatic Theory Collective “Curtis: The Beat Tape” [BEAT TAPE]

The beatmaking collective known as Pragmatic Theory has compiled a beat tape consisting of samples from the catalog of the great Soul/R&B singer, arranger and producer Curtis Mayfield. “Curtis: The Beat Tape” features production from an all star lineup of beat culture luminaries such as Ta-Ku, Keor Meteor, Handbook, Constrobuz, SE1DavidE, Cypria, Mononome, Sh∆inC∆w, Je$u$, ManOnWire, ProducerNature, Byrdverson1 x Nextwon, Keith Price x MadColour, A-Beats, Glyphick, AudioDoctor, Jewbei, JP Balboa, Snakehips, DuckaDucka, Prozak Morris, Kam0, Pawcut, Funky Notes & ChromadaData. Don’t sleep on it…