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Rap Ohne Lizenz

DON’T SLEEP: Rapohnelizenz “Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape 3” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]

Beat culture website Rap Ohne Lizenz has recently dropped their 3rd compilation/beat tape featuring producers and beatmakers such as Dexter, Rejoicer, Kova, Prof.Logik, Rufio, Keor Meteor, Plusga, Torky Tork, Hippie Sabotage, Figub Brazlevic, Mono:Massive, Jimbo Matsumoto, Bassdeaph, Vinyl Frontiers and many more. Don’t sleep on it. THE HIATUS IS OVER!



DON’T SLEEP: Rap Ohne Lizenz x Geraet [Cutcannibalz] “Sampo” [BEAT TAPE]

Here’s the newest Rap Ohne Lizenz beat tape from Geraet of the crew Cutcannibalz titled “Sanpo”. It’s kinda off the wall. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Rapohnelizenz “Beat Tape Vol. 2: Bonus Tracks” [BEAT TAPE]

I just went on the site Rap Ohne Lizenz and discovered that there was a new collection of “Bonus Tracks” for their last beat tape recently uploaded to their Bandcamp. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Go check ’em out and stop sleepin’…


DON’T SLEEP: Brenk “Predido” (prod. by Brenk) [SINGLE]

I was on BoomBap.org looking @ Twit One’s Workspaces feature two days ago. I went to show my brother said post yesterday morning (to prove he uses an MPC 500) and I saw this new Brenk Sinatra jawn called “Predido” from his forthcoming album dropping on September 2nd, 2011 “Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)” up there. I decided to help them (BoomBap.org) spread it so I posted it up on my site since Rap Ohne Lizenz had already done the same.

I did think it was weird that Melting Pot Music sent their lead single to another site rather than just post it up on their own Soundcloud page first. When I saw BoomBap.org change their post a few hours later and take the song down I immediately erased my initial post. Just goes to show you that even the experienced cats in this blog shit can get caught out there from time to time. Don’t sleep on Brenk or Melting Pot Music you sad excuses for music fans.


DON’T SLEEP: So Crates & Sour Beats “Hippie Sabotage Vol. 2” [INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM]

I had just finished hearing the previous project I’d posted and I visited Rap Ohne Lizenz where I saw the cover art for “Hippie Sabotage Vol. 2” and it caught my eye from jump. I pressed play and it sounded as good if not better than the cover looked. Salute So Crates & Sour Beats for “Hippie Sabotage Vol. 2” being dope. Salute Stephanie Iadanza for the ill cover. DON’T SLEEP…


DON’T SLEEP: Rap Ohne Lizenz x Kova “Lost Beat Crates Vol. 1” [FREE INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT]

Rap Ohne Lizenz has done it yet again! I JUST posted up Torky Tork’s “Sextape” a week ago and they drop German beatmaker Kova‘s “Lost Beat Crates Vol. 1” on my head today? Are they trying to kill me over there or what? In any event, for extras go visit the original Rap Ohne Lizenz post. Big up Germany & salute Berlin!


DON’T SLEEP: Rap Ohne Lizenz x Torky Tork “Sextape” [BEAT TAPE]

German beatmaker Torky Tork x popular beat culture site Rap Ohne Lizenz just dropped yet another bananas beat tape today. This 18 slap collection is called “Sextape”. Get it from our peoples over @ Rap Ohne Lizenz or from Torky Tork on Bandcamp. Don’t sleep!