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DON’T SLEEP: Nuts One “Red Planet/Memories” [SINGLE]


Nuts One is from the Geneva based music collective The Soundtrackers and this solo vinyl release was mixed by Chief (Feelin’ Music). If you ain’t feelin’ “Red Planet” or “Memories” then I seriously question your commitment to Sparkle Motion. Don’t sleep on these and if it isn’t sold out yet cop one…


DON’T SLEEP: MAGGZ “Fragments Of Mind” [BEAT TAPE]

MAGGZ released an incredible instrumental project/beat tape on Chief’s Feelin’ Music label titled “Fragments Of Mind”. Don’t sleep on it…



MELODIESINFONIE is back to fuck heads up once again with his latest effort “JA$$”. “JA$$” was released on Feelin’ Music’s Bandcamp page two days ago and I’ve been playing it since. It’s time for me to listen to my inner DMX and stop being greedy. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Chief “Shadows Chapters 1, 2 & 3” [BEAT TAPES]

Producer/beatmaker Chief is releasing a 3 part instrumental collection called “Shadows Chapters 1, 2 & 3” as a precursor to his September 21st release “Shadows Collision”. “Shadows Chapter 2” drops on the 14th and “Shadows Chapter 3” will be released on the 21st. Do me a favor and do not sleep on this…


DON’T SLEEP: Feelin’ Music x Ta-Ku “Feelin’ Music Podcast No. 2: Peeyano Blends” [MIX]

The last Feelin’ Music podcast featured a mix by the homie Ta-Ku called “Peeyano Blends”. Enjoy it. Don’t you dare sleep on it…



Feelin’ Music put together a Dilla tribute compilation featuring such talent as Mr. Dibia$e, Elaquent, Ta-Ku, BoomBaptist, Lefto, Abby Lee Tee, Moka Only, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie and many more. Don’t sleep on “DO THE DILLA 2012: A TRIBUTE TO THE DRUM MASTER”…


DON’T SLEEP: Moka Only “Martian Xmas 2011” [NEW PROJECT]

The homie Moka Only drops an album every holiday season called “Martian Xmas”. This is the 2011 edition, I LOVE these jawns. I wonder if ST/MiC mastered this one, too? In any event, enjoy and don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Jazzo & Melodisinfonie “Astro Funk & Weltfrieden” [NEW PROJECT]

Jazzo & Melodisinfonie’s “Astro Funk & Weltfrieden” is now available for full streaming via the Feelin’ Music Bandcamp and purchase from reputable physical & digital music marketplaces. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Chief “The Shaolin” (prod. by Chief) [INSTRUMENTAL]

Chief of Feelin’ Music who has his Moka Only collaborative LP “Crickets” dropping soon blessed the fans with an instrumental called “The Shaolin” on his SoundCloud page a few days ago. Enjoy it below. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Moka Only x Chief “Crickets” [NEW UPCOMING PROJECT]

I’ve dropped a couple of jawns from the upcoming Feelin’ Music Moka Only x Chief “Crickets” project previously on Producers I Know. The project drops in physical form on October 31st and hits digital music marketplaces on November 8th, 2011. Pre-orders are now available via the Feelin’ Music Bandcamp. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie “Viu Z Viu Riwärb” (co-prod. by Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie) [SINGLE]

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie are a young production duo that are signed to Chief’s Feelin’ Music label. Here’s the lead single to their upcoming proper debut release “Astro Funk & Weltfrieden” which drops on November 25th, 2011. I was pretty impressed by their initial Feelin’ Music project “Treeology EP”  and I can’t wait to hear this jawn either. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Chief x Boo “Seasons: FALL” [MIX]

Boo did the selecting. Chief did the mixing. The end result is a ridiculous blend that’s over 30 minutes long with exclusive blaps from beat culture luminaries such as DIBIA$E, Ta-Ku, Sunclef, DEHEB and even Chief himself. Enjoy the embedded link below & hurry up to download since only the first 100 people get downloads and it just went up recently. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Moka Only x Chief “Form The Future” (prod. by Chief) [SINGLE]

Moka Only x Chief’s “Crickets” is dropping October 31st according to Chief. It’s dropping November 28th according to the press release I was sent from Feelin’ Music this morning. I’ll ask Moke what he says. I can’t wait to hear this damb album either way, here’s the next single “Form The Future” from the forthcoming “Crickets” LP on Feelin’ Music. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Moka Only x Chief “Crickets” [PROMO MIX]

Chief gave Moke relief from the beat duty. Moka Only & Chief make some incredible music together, one of my all time favorite Moka Only albums was released on Chief’s Feelin’ Music label. “Felt Before”. “Do Work”. “Lemon”. Classic shit. I heard this “Crickets” promo mix and this shit is John Blaze. Hey Moke, can I hear the whole album now? PLEASE. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Willy Sunshine “La Jeunesse Beat Tape” [BEAT TAPE]

Chief’s Feelin’ Music label has signed Willy Sunshine and he offers this free beat tape consisting of slaps he crafted between 2001-2005 as the “La Jeunesse Beat Tape”.You can stream and/or download it from Willy’s Bandcamp, either way? DON’T SLEEP! Shouts to Luigi…


DON’T SLEEP: Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie “Treeology EP” [INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT]

Feelin’ Music (What up, Chief?) artists Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie have done their countyman and labelhead proud by becoming an extremely impressive production team in a short time. If you consider that these guys only started working together as a unit in 2010 then this EP becomes even more impressive. You can’t front on Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie’s “Treeology EP” anymore. It’s simply not allowed…