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Beat Fanatic “SlopFunkDust”

We continue our weekly Beat Fanatic spotlight and this week we turn to the producer and founder of the movement Slopfunk

Originally from London, Slop grew up in Hawaii, North Carolina and Florida. but now resides in Phoenix Arizona.

Slopfunk is definately one of the busiest dudes in the beat business, over the years that has never slowed, if anything it’s increasingly more demanding as more and more producers step to the forefront in the industry.

We asked Slop how it all began and how the Beat Fanatics was born

SlopFunkDust :

I started Beat Fanatics shortly after the last group that I was part of (Tap Ghost & Phobia – aka Black Saturday)  broke up in 2000
My homie Mr. Naso and myself had just finished working on the Funkghost – Ultraboogie Highlife album and we were looking to branch out and start our own thing but we could never come up with a name for it, then one day PK (The Gift) came through to record a verse for the “Unseen: The Idea” album we were working on.

PK started spitting some lines from a track he had just wrote called “Beat Fanatic”. (im an addict a beat fanatic, got a habit of bringin’ the static)… me and Mr. Naso looked at each other and said “THATS IT!!! BEAT FANATIC!!!”. the track was originally suppose to be recorded to a Rik Marvel beat but PK liked the Illmind beat better.

From there we decided to ask all the people we thought were dope to be a part of a new movement / family… and that I guess the rest is history.

The original members include Illmind, moO, Nicolay, DJ Cozmos, Dela, Nemo, 9th Wonder, Kay of The Foundation, Kev Brown, DJ Kay, DJ Roddy Rod, Obsidian Blue, Supastition, FWMJ, Tzar, Brainstorm Sounds (aka Anthony Accurate), M-Phazes, Mr. Naso, Rhettmatic, Celph Titled, Akrobatik, Surreal, Rik Marvel, Krewcial, Spon, DJ Blenda, Mekka Don, RekOne (R.I.P.)

Working on the Beat Fanatic Volumes Slopfunk recently released Beat Fantics Vol 1 “The Smokers Choice” with Vol 2 already underway. Go cop this dope release it has all your favourite producers on there and be sure to check for the follow up’s as they drop.

01. Acapulco Gold (co-produced by Jaisu)
02. Alaskan Thunder F#@k (co-produced by KHRYSIS)
03. Grandaddy Purp (co-produced by Illastrate)
04. Sour Diesel (co-produced by J.Bizness)
05. White Rhino (co-produced by Illastrate)
06. AK-47 (co-produced by !llmind)
07. Blue Dream (co-produced by Nicolay)
08. Trainwreck (co-produced by KHRYSIS)
09. OG Kush (co-produced by !llmind)
10. L.A. Confidential (co-produced by Rhettmattic)

Hip Hop Bloggers “If I Ruled the Blogosphere” Parts I & II

As a producer who want’s to take his music seriously it is always good to stay intune with the developments of the power of promotion and the power of the next generation of media….. I really do recommend that you watch both parts and take some knowledge from it

On Saturday, April 3, Future of Music Coaltion and Words Beats & Life are teaming up for If I Ruled the Blogosphere: Hip-Hop Bloggers and Social Change, a panel discussion that takes place from 4:15 PM-6PM at Busboys & Poets (2021 14th St NW, Washington, DC).

The event features prominent hip-hop bloggers in a dynamic conversation about how artists are gaining traction online, the impact of technology on music promotion and how bloggers and artists can raise awareness about important issues in the hip-hop community and beyond. If you’re in town, you’ll want to get your tickets right now before it sells out.

With music and technology moving at such a rapid pace, hip-hop artists and advocates increasingly have a lot of questions about how to get a foot in the door.

This event will give them an opportunity to interact with the most influential hip-hop bloggers in the country.The discussion features prominent hip-hop bloggers such as Meka Udoh (2 Dope Boyz), Dallas Penn (Dallas Penn & the Internets Celebrities), Jason Reynolds (OkayPlayer), Frank William Miller Junior (FWMJ of rappersiknow.com) and Chris Rabb (Afro-Netizen) talking about why they do what they do and what they’re looking for to create compelling content. These dedicated champions of hip-hop will address questions like: “How do I get attention for my project?” “What should I be thinking about in terms of web presence?” “What kinds technologies exist to help me do all this?”

FMC will be on hand to talk about how policy shapes what the hip-hop community does, where it goes and what it says on the online. FMC will also present information that bloggers, artists, and fans can use to protect their right to free speech and entrepreneurship via the open Internet.

A question and answer/peer learning session will also take place immediately after, during which attendees will be able to network with peers, panelists and presenters.

Producers I Know

First of all shouts to my dude Frank (FWMJ) who started the whole Rappers I Know movement.
I’ve been sending beats from my producers over to Frank for the past couple of years and we’ve had some great conversations about this rap game.
I guess it kinda fell into place when I said to him, when you gonna get this Producers I Know site up….you know it’s gotta happen!!! Frank’s reply was….Word!!!

So building on to my push for the producer I manage “Pete Cannon” and the others who I shop beats for I decided it was time to gel the two sites together and with Franks blessing we are making it happen, he has always been amazed at the talent from the producers I link him with.

Hopefully the site will progress into a source of knowledge and advice for producers who are seeking to get their beats heard not just by rappers but by industry A&R’s.

So as an introduction and to kick off the site I thought I would like to introduce you to the kinda talent I have been pushing beats for.

Producers I Know Bandcamp

Pete Cannon




Jon Phonics