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DON’T SLEEP: Pete Cannon x Guilty Simpson “This Year” (prod. by Pete Cannon) [SINGLE]


If you copped Pete Cannon & Guilty Simpson’s “This Year” single you also received “The Pete Tape”. So cop the homie Pete Cannon’s single then…


DON’T SLEEP: Pete Cannon “The Pete Tape” [BEAT TAPE]


Louis Den and the Team PIK homie Pete Cannon have been doing some serious work lately. About three weeks ago Pete Cannon released a short beat tape called “The Pete Tape” that y’all shouldn’t sleep on. So don’t…


DON’T SLEEP: Shag “Me Again” [BEAT TAPE]

Team PIK member Shag has made a ton of beat tapes over the past couple of years since he’s become a member of the fam, here’s the latest tangible proof of his sonic evolution “Me Again”. I told you not to sleep back in 2011. It’s almost 2013 now…


DON’T SLEEP: Jon Phonics “Chaleur Sensuelle!” [MIX]

Team PIK’s Jon Phonics recently made a perfect Cuffing Season mix consisting of 10 tracks and 40+ minutes that exemplify what the Winter season entails. Don’t sleep on Chaleur Sensuelle!”…


DON’T SLEEP: Yamin Semali “Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1” [BEAT TAPE]

The brilliant Yamin Semali AKA DJ AmDex released a brilliant beat tape/instrumental LP in association with Producers I Know @ midnight titled “Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1”. This is a collection of 20 slaps that make you want to slap someone across the face after administering baby powder on your dominant hand first. Here’s the back cover with all the updated credits on it. Look for it on Yamin’s Bandcamp as well. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Jomac “Cherish” [BEAT TAPE]

Team PIK’s Jomac just dropped a new beat tape called “Cherish”. I suggest that you all not sleep on it. Also, prayers up for all of my people’s along the Eastern seaboard…


DON’T SLEEP: SB.TV x Wizard “The Sour Mix” [BEAT TAPE]

Wizard dropped a beat tape in association with SBTV featuring ApaTight, Pete Cannon, Scizzahz, Jack Flash, S-Type, Budgie & Mazzie called “The Sour Mix”. Download that bish. Don’t sleep…